Roselawn Condon School
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 Exciting News!
 Roselawn Condon has been chosen to become a General Electric (GE) Triple E school!

GE has provided the school district with some great people and initiatives that are designed to not only improve student achievement but expand it. We have also been given a robot lab and will be using it to work with our college prep 6-8 grade students. This initiative along with other GE programs will be implemented fully at the beginning of next year. All 8th grade students will take Physical Science, Algebra, and PE for credit. If they perform well and pass the common exam, high school credit will be granted.

 "The mission of Roselawn Condon is to create and maintain a family friendly environment that ensures all students will be prepared socially, emotionally, physically and academically to be productive citizens in this global society. We commit to a comprehensive system of supports to assure this outcome."


Roselawn Condon School encapsulates this mission statement with the support of a highly-devoted staff and well-equipped facility. We are a team-based STEM magnet school that follows a comprehensive operational plan for student achievement.

STEM is science, technology, engineering and math.  The STEM approach to instruction utilizes concepts and methods that build innovative thinking which is necessary for the 21st century marketplace.  We strive to develop the thinkers of tomorrow who will not only have the knowledge required to process information but the skills to interpret and understand all acquired processed information.

In addition to academic program, our students have music, art, and physical education classes. We provide a variety of school clubs and activities for students in all grade levels. Our students attend special programs from outside organizations to enrich their knowledge of the arts and other outside interests. Students participate in a daily activity period from 3:00-3:45 that allow them to work with students in other classes and other grades.  There are a variety of activities offered throughout the week including, Team Day, STEM Day, RC Reads, Math Lab, and Fun Fridays.

Under the direction of Mr. Voll, our new principal, the teachers, staff members, and dedicated volunteers are committed to giving all the students at Roselawn Condon a strong academic education while at the same time incorporating STEM, technology, the arts and extra-curricular activities to use 21st century skills to build a solid academic foundation. We strive to create and maintain an energetic, creative, healthy, and safe learning environment for all of our students.